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I must admit, I had problems with this one. In fact while putting everything together for the Letters Book I had to go back and ask them about it so that they could help me to understand. You see, when I received this message it was a message in the middle of the night and I had no context from which to understand. Many of these concepts were completely foreign to me at that time. Below is my conversation with them….

Brett-  I don’t understand this one. In fact I don’t agree with it. It seems as though enlightenment is a long road, many times with stringent discipline. In fact, many if not most, never get there. How can you just announce something as complex as enlightenment into being?
Spirit- Brett, could you not say the same thing about abundance- many if not most, never get there? Or, vibrant health- many if not most, never get there? How about unconditional love for others- many if not most, never get there? Can you not say this about any other state of being? It is as we have told you - Pay attention to your intention. Your intention is your nexus point of integration between your higher self and your physical self.  It is where you begin to create the physical universe around you.  The road to enlightenment can be instantaneous or it can take many years, but it all comes from your point of intention.The I AM voice within each of you announces the Divinity that is available within each one of you.  Announce that which you are with heartfelt sincerity of intentional purpose and you will begin to see the world change around you. Stay with it for a length of time and you will begin to see it change before your eyes.
It is no coincidence Brett that we had you put this quote as your very first entry in the Letters Book… Meditate upon this and you will understand.
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